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9/3/2019 11:52 PM

New resident Tyler making some hits on the keyboard in our music room! #suiteslife #CSWS

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  • Did you know you can save 3 lives tomorrow? All you have to do is come down to the office and schedule an appointment to give blood ! Come down and be a hero!!!
  • In honor of 9/11, the Suites will be holding a blood drive on 9/10 between 11am-4pm. Bring a friend and donate to save lives! #americanredcrossblooddrive  #CSWS #suitelife
  • Schedule your haircut and walk out looking fabulous! Photo credit @pmtsschenectady #paulmitchellschenectady #suitelife
  • New resident Tyler making some hits on the keyboard in our music room! #suiteslife #CSWS
  • Happy Labor Day All! We’ll return back to the office tomorrow at 9am. #LaborDay #suitelife
  • Don’t forget to sign-up for the Blood Drive at Washington Square on 09/10/2019! Did you know 1 donation can save up to 3 lives !?! Pay it forward! 
#blooddrive #americanredcross #payitforward
  • On 09/10/2019, we will@be hosting a blood drive in conjunction with @redcrosseny ! The blood drive will be from 11AM-4PM. Come down to the office to sign-up and save a life! The blood you donate can save up to 3 lives !!! 💪💪💪#americanredcross #blooddrive #livelearnrelax
  • They are smiling now, but when they open the season for SUNY SCCC basketball - it’s all business! 💪😤☝️
  • We are out here getting after it. On 09/01/2019, we will be ready for all the new arrivals! We can’t wait ! #csws #suitelife #livelearnrelax
  • You don’t need to leave the Suites for a hair cut! Give @3ignick a call and set up your appointment! No need to leave the site, when you can get your haircut by a license barber on-site ! #paulmitchell #suitelife #csws
  • Want to earn some extra ca$$$hhh?! Ask a CSWS staff member how you can earn money off of your monthly payment and some extra $! #referrals #suitelife
  • 16 more days until move-in! No excuses , just results! 💪👍🙌 #CSWS #LIVELEARNRELAX #SUITELIFE
  • It’s a serious face when conducting serious business! 💪🙌
#suitelife #csws #livelearnrelax
  • *Swipe* 
When you come by for a tour at College Suites Washington Square, make sure you check out the some restored landmarks of Schenectady! 
#suitelife #csws #livelearnrelax #unitedgroup